What are some of the common lists that can be used when designing a page?

You can insert any or a combination of the following list types:
– Ordered list: The ordered list displays elements in numbered format. It is represented by <ol> tag.
– Unordered list: The unordered list displays elements in bulleted format. It is represented by <ul> tag.
– Definition list: The definition list displays elements in definition form like in dictionary. The <dl>, <dt> and <dd> tags are used to define description list.
– Menu list: The HTML <menu> tag is used for creating a menu list. This tag has been deprecated in HTML and redefined in HTML5.
– Directory list: Use the dir tag in HTML to display directory list. This is very similar to <ul> tag but do not use <dir> since it is deprecated now.
Each of this list types makes use of a different tag set to compose.

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