What Are the Best Online Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

1. What is an online coding bootcamp?

Essentially, these are digital training programs which equip people from a variety of backgrounds with the skills required to work as a web developer. Typically designed to be intensive in their learning, they take place over a number of months—longer if they include a part-time option. By the end of the bootcamp, the student should be sufficiently prepared to navigate the coding world, as well as to land a job as a programmer.

Online coding bootcamps are often seen as the quickest and most accessible option available to aspiring web developers. This is because you can learn wherever you want, without needing to live near the classroom. Remote education also gives you the ability to learn whenever you want, with a lot of programs built for asynchronous study.

2. Is an online coding bootcamp worth it?

If your goal is to switch careers and land a job as a professional programmer, the short answer is “Yes.” The best online coding bootcamps boast an impressive job placement rate, with the majority of students landing a developer job just months after graduating. One of the main reasons for this is the highly valued skill-set they teach you.

Many of the courses out there promise to teach you full-stack development. If you still don’t know what the difference between the frontend and the backend is, you’ll quickly learn. Being able to work smoothly on a project or application all the way from back to front is a prized skill-set, as one glance at full-stack developer salaries will show.

While (when possible) in-person bootcamps can be advantageous in terms of the networking opportunities with your peers and teachers, another benefit of online coding bootcamps is that they’re also teaching you how to work remotely. Imagine being able to work wherever you like—in your own home, or from a different country, should you so choose. Being able to work as a remote web developer is much more achievable than in most other occupations, owing to the in-demand and technical nature of the job.

More than just being able to show that you’ve been taught JavaScript, CSS, and all the gang, you’ll graduate from your online coding bootcamp with a portfolio of projects. These are applications that you have worked on, designed to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. 

3. The best online coding bootcamps right now

1. CareerFoundry

2. Fullstack Academy

3. Flatiron School

4. Wild Code School

5. Coding Dojo

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